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IceStorm.com has hosted my website for over 7 years, and I couldn't be more pleased with the level of web hosting service and support that IceStorm.com provides. Whenever I have a question, I always receive a courteous and timely response. I've recommended your hosting services for my most recent web design projects, and I will continue to recommend IceStorm.com in the future. Thanks again!"

- Joe Curry

My perl scripts were putting a heavy load on the server and Godaddy suspended my account and wouldn't let me open the account again to test what the problem was. They also put his ugly and embarrassing 'oops' page up. I am so glad I have moved to IceStorm! I can already notice a huge speed difference on IceStorm's servers. The support here is the best, I love the ticket system. I had a few critical issues and the support team responded in a few minutes.

-Avery Tarasov.

"I have been with IceStorm for over 6 years and I cannot emphasize enough how good they have been for me and my customers past and present. As a webmaster and designer, knowing that I have IceStorm behind me I can concentrate on the job at hand. These people have always and I mean always come through for me , even in the middle of the night or even a long weekend. Stellar service is their hallmark. I will not go anywhere else and you would be wise to consider the same."

- Brian McHale

"Through all the changes to my website in the past four years, The IceStorm Network stands out as the one thing I can ALWAYS count on. And because of your world class service and support, I'll never need to look for another hosting company. Thank you. I look forward to using your service for as long as I'm online."

-John Thibodeau

"IceStorm customer support has been absolutely fabulous. My site rep has always responded promptly and courteously to any issue I come up with. I couldn't do it without you. Thank you."

-Dr. Richard I Jontry, Ph.D.

"Even when there is a problem (like a power outage), IceStorm is quick to react. The same has applied to any questions I've had, whether it is regarding my clients' websites or my own reseller account. I've especially found Adrian to be really helpful. Two thumbs up!"

-Sofie Dittmann

"I maintain the web sites for several municipalities and police departments, 2 of which are hosted on your servers. It just occurred to me that in the more than 3 years that I've have sites hosted by you, I have never found one of the sites to be down or slow. In fact, I can't think one problem at all. I deal with several other companies that host some of the other sites I maintain, and its not unusual to find those sites down from time to time. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a great job, and I recommend your service to people often."

-Kevin McSorley

"My ministry website has been hosted by ICESTORM for 5 years. I have been totally satisfied with them. Customer service provides the highest standards of excellence, which is something rare these days. I would recommend ICESTORM to anyone with a need for professionalism and courtesy."

-Rev. Michelle Richee

"Five years is a long time in the tech industry, and that is how long IceStorm has been providing hosting for us. We have been pleased with the quality of service, the quick response to any problem, and the dedication to upgrading."

-C. Masters

"I was originally referred to IceStorm by one of my best friends about 3 years ago, I suppose. I've seen other places that will host a domain for less than $7 a month, but I gotta wonder what kind of help is available when problems arise. I'm a firm believer in service after the sale (I'm a hardware tech for PC's, so I know what that end of it is all about). I will gladly stand up and say that for my money, this is the best deal out there! Huge storage, liberal transfers, lots of extras, and impeccable service round it out to be what I think are the best packages available anywhere.

It has always been a pleasure to work with the support staff here. What few problems I had, I got an answer that I could understand and a solution within 24 hours most of the time -- the one time I couldn't get fixed was because I had let my domain name expire over a weekend *grumble*. Otherwise, Adrian and crew are probably the best support team I've come across. I presently have 3 domains here and should I have a need for any more, I can promise you I'll be setting them up at IceStorm as well. You folks have definitely earned my business."


"I live in an environmentally spectacular tourism backwater in Costa Rica, and have sustained commercial liaisons in both directions long enough to have realized something long ago. IceStorm has consistently and for a long time been the most phenomenally productive and helpful contractor / service that I have ever undertaken with anyone, even face to face. You guys win, hands down, in terms of consistent timeliness and real help."


"I really appreciate the prompt and professional manner with which my requests for help have been answered by the IceStorm support team. I've also benefited from their "referral program." When someone is looking for a place to host their web site, I always recommend IceStorm!"

-Penn George

"I have been impressed time and again with how prompt replies are sent by the Support Department of Icestorm. Things rarely go wrong with my Web site, but when they do, I know that I need only e-mail Support and I'll have a reply by the next day, at the latest. I would recommend IceStorm to anyone looking for a place to house their Web site."

-E. Waltman

"I have had a Master Reseller Account with Icestorm since early 2000 and I will be upgrading to their new Bulk Reseller Account shortly. My customers have been very satisfied with the service I offer and I have been very satisfied with Icestorm's support and prices. Icestorm has continued to improve its offerings and services while offering competitive prices and delivering excellent customer service. My hat is off to Adrian Gonzales who has never failed to answer my questions in a timely manner. I never hesitate to recommend you to my peers."

-Don Green

"I had my site with you guys for about 3 years. It hasn't been down for a day since. Super fast response if questions arise. Haven't had any problems yet. Great job!"


"I've had not one bit of bother with the hosting in quite a while now. Keep up the good work as it's really appreciated."

-Graeme Nattress

"The fastest response time I have ever seen from any web hosting service, when it comes to any question, comment, or issue. Keep it up!"


"For years now, I have been using The IceStorm Network, and I never have been disappointed with the level of support, and the wealth of extras. The price to features, space and bandwidth is second to none! Very impressed, and very satisfied!"

-Beau Brewer

"I have had several domains hosted by IceStorm over the years, and I could not be more pleased with the excellent services they provide. Adrian Gonzales of Icestorm has helped me out many times and is a very bright individual. Recently I asked Adrian if we could arrange a custom hosting plan for my site, and he was very open to working out a special deal. IceStorm is not only extremely reliable and bundled with great hosting plans, but is also a nice community. It's cool browsing the forums and seeing other pages members of IceStorm have created."


"We're Ebay Powersellers running up to 200 auctions at a time, all of them with lots of photos, sometimes as many as 36 per auction! We gang photos into blocks of 3-4 so some of the file sizes are large. With IceStorm we don't have to worry about a maximum file size like some image hosting services impose, and our files load quickly enough that our customers don't lose patience. Plus the customer service is fast and attentive. Thanks, guys!"

-Judy Cooke

"I don't remember how I stumbled upon this web site - I'm just glad I did.

After trying a few other hosting services, all of which I canceled within a few weeks, I switched to Icestorm -- and I am happy with it for more than five years now. The service is reliable, fast, very flexible,
reasonably priced, and (which most important) has been consistent all these years.

So, if you are looking for a great web hosting service -- this is it."

-J. Goebeler

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